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    Wink When did Tom visit Gallifrey?

    That's the only possible explanation. Only by incorporating TARDIS technology could the Aeronaut swallow so much stuff while being so compact...

    I was lucky enough last week to win several eBay UK auctions by another forum member here, for a used Aeronaut in Crimson, a Tri-star and several smaller pieces (Kit, 3D Clear Cube, a Travel Tray in Solar and a Clear Quarter Cube in Solar). Earlier in the week I also won a Co-pilot in Black/steel from a different seller. Normally I work from home, but last week I was staying in a hotel in London for a course/workshop, so I got all the swag delivered to my office near Tottenham Court Road. On Friday morning, the day the parcel of swag including the Aeronaut was due to arrive, the bag I was using split while I was packing up my gear at the hotel. Fortunately I was able to get it to stay in one piece long enough to make it from the hotel to the office, but it was looking a bit touch and go...

    Around lunchtime the Aeronaut delivery arrived. I'd received the co-pilot (which came with an Absolute strap) a couple of days before that.

    So I unpacked everything, then decided to see if I could rejig my luggage. I emptied everything out, then started putting things into the Aeronaut... then carried on putting things in... kept thinking I was going to run out of space... kept putting more things in...

    In the end, the Aeronaut swallowed:

    1 Tri-star (empty and flat) (yes, it swallowed its little brother... even though it "shouldn't be able to", the trapezoidal design of the Aeronaut meant that the smaller bag fitted on the bottom of the central compartment)
    4 empty Aeronaut packing cubes
    1 Clear Quarter Cube, filled with a Kit, a 3d Clear Cube and a Travel Tray
    1 small Aeronaut packing cube filled with spare clothing (I like to carry a spare t-shirt etc just in case)
    1 Co-pilot (empty)
    3 days worth of dirty washing (in an end pocket)
    1 broken bag, empty and folded
    1 more packing cube, rolled up
    1 pair Speedo shower shoes/flip-flops (in the other end pocket)
    1 shower gel 1 litre refill pack

    ...and it still wasn't full! Absolutely amazing.

    The result wasn't noticeably larger than the broken bag I had been using, and I could easily have got a few more things in if need be. Then I hooked on the Absolute shoulder strap and discovered that it made the weight feel a lot lighter - like having a sprung suspension for the bag. Later that evening I made my way to the train station carrying a backpack plus the Aeronaut on its Absolute strap, navigating the London Underground with no problems at all.

    This bag can only be described as extraordinarily capacious, brilliantly designed and gives every impression of being as tough as nails. Normally I'd take a backpack (my old and much loved Oakley Icon pack - which appears to be made from a very similar ballistic nylon fabric to that used for the Aeronaut and is still going strong after more than 10 years of hard daily use) plus a clothes bag, but if I can work out the logistics (mostly to do with carrying a 13" macbook and some pens to the office... packing cube backpack perhaps?) I think next time I go away for 4-5 days I will try merging the two into one Aeronaut. Pretty certain it will cope just fine!

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    It's a timey-wimey thing. ;-)

    I keep looking for an excuse to snag an Aeronaut. Unfortunately, I can't justify it because we don't travel quite enough to retire our current luggage. Maybe I need to slip the airline guy a couple of bucks to run one of them over...!
    Bob P.
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    Empire Builder (black/steel), Brain Bag (steel), Small Padded Organizer Pouch, Clear Wallet, Soft Cell, Snake Charmer (cayenne) and assorted trimmings.

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