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    Thumbs up A note on repairs.

    I took my Empire Builder, bought in 2007, to the Tom Bihn Store (living in Seattle and all, it seemed reasonable to do), because the front flap horizontal zipper had started to poke through the side of the flap. It wasn't bad, but at the same time I was a little distressed that I might scratch myself or (when I fly next month to LA for Adobe MAX) someone else. I took it in last Thursday, where I explained the situation, it was agreed that it was possibly problematic and they would fix it for me.

    (while I was there, I got a new Horizontal Brain Cell for my new MacBook Air, a horizontal Freudian Slip that turned out to be perfect for a lot of accessories, including my tablet, a padded organizer pouch and a 3d mesh cube. I just was looking for the Cell, but then the SLip was there and I'd been thinking about it, and and and....)

    They called me later that day, maybe an hour later, to say it was done.

    I was busy at the time, and also on Friday, but I went in yesterday, and the young man who helped me before (whose name I didn't lock into the random access database I refer to as 'my brain') was there and recognized me, brought my bag out and showed me it was all good.

    So! high marks!

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    I'm glad that we could get your Empire Builder all fixed up! By the way, that was Mateo who helped you out. He says he was happy to do it!

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