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    The Future- Scented Fabrics

    Evening Guys.

    With the advances in olfactory technologies nowadays (coupled with me tripping on a tent earlier today at REI whilest enjoying a can of pork and beans, making a mess and also hitting my head on a plasticine gopher....) it hit me. Scented fabrics!! Who amongst us hasn't been walking around with our Synapse thinking "Hey this is great- but the one thing missing during this whole walk...the one thing that would make this time the smell of pie a-la-mode!!!!..." I know I'm not the only one! It opens up a new world, doesn't it?With the free time I currently have going on due to my subsequent hospital stay I can lay here and let my mind wander...

    Themed trips are now possible in a way so much deeper than before. A hamburger scented Super Ego for a trip to Hamburg? How about a hot dog fragranced Side Effect for a field trip to Frankfort? The mind reels, doesn't it? The aroma of bacon coming from a Brain Bag? (Sure it's not a good choice if traveling amongst vegetarians, but they are probably weak from not eating meat and shouldn't cause any trouble.) How about a Bacon/Toast combo there? Couple that with some Mayo scented organizational pouches and its a feast on feet! (Added- I'm obviously hungry else I'd come up with something other than grub scents....Pudding. Stat!!)

    I'd write more but some guy in a white coat is yelling at me. More later.

    What scents would you all like to "see" in your favorite Tom Bihn gear? Hmm....?????
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    Aeronaut, Synapse, Imago, Rubber Chicken, Momma, Poppa, and Baby Cafe Bags, eight other pouches/cubes/bags....more if I looked...

    "Build a Man a fire and he'll be warm for a day. Set a Man on fire and he'll be warm for the rest of his life" ..... The Wisdom of the Ages, Mainly from Tuesday. 2013

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    The smell of clean linen

    It's the spray I use for my bathroom and it's so nice hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aristotle View Post
    ... they are probably weak from not eating meat and shouldn't cause any trouble...
    Omnivore humor; love it!

    I want the smell of leather. Wish TB would do this.

    What is it about dead animals?...
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