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    Unhappy Looking forward to the new Synapse... But...


    Cant wait for the news synapse. Love my other Tom Bihn bags, however advertising the Synapse and have mid May delivery hurts. A week or 2, I could see, but 6-8 weeks till shipping. Seems harsh.

    Just a thought,


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    Those lead times are actually short compared with some of the better cottage manufacturers in the outdoor gear industry. When the spring rush hits at Mountain Laurel Designs, lead times often extend to 10+ weeks for all products, not just a new launch. Last year I placed a custom order with OookWorks in the UK, and the quoted ~5-6 weeks became 14 before I received it.

    The terms for those companies are that you pay up front, not when the product ships. People wait because of the quality of the products, and because they aren't a commodity.

    Six weeks' leadtime gives the TB crew an idea of the pre-order interest so they could plan the production schedule appropriately. Shortening that leadtime would increase the risk of over- or underproducing in the first run. The former results in increased carrying costs; the latter results in more disappointed customers. And in the meantime you're not being charged, so it's not like you're floating them $$$.

    Edit - that probably came across as a little harsh. That wasn't my intent. However I did want to give some perspective. TB are a small company who couldn't afford Amazon-like fulfillment policies without passing on the (considerable) extra costs to us the customers.
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    FWIW, and not to raise expectations too high, it has been my experience that the listing shipping estimates are often worst case-type with the items shipping earlier. That said, it may well be that it will take that long for a given item. You can never be sure. Also my experience is that the wait is worth it, even when the wait has gone the full listed duration!

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