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Thread: Packing Cubes

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    Packing Cubes

    Now that the cubes are out, I figured it would be nice if there was a thread or page about that that has some organizing tips for packing, and combinations on what fits in what cube.

    I'm also interested in how well the cubes work with the brain bag, super ego, or empire builder.

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    Good thread! As a Modularity wonk, I'll be talking alot about the packing cubes revolution. It would be great if people could share the packing 'array' that they use- in otherwords, the 'building block' logic that they use.
    My Aeronaut just finished it's second trip and I must say, It's become my favorite all around bag. Packing cubes have completely changed the way I travel. I can't even imagine going back to loosely packed contents!
    Some suggestions for future cube modules:
    - Single & Double bottle Sleeves. I invariably return from trips with one or two bottles of beverages ( Wine or Spirits) and invariably must wrap them in dirty laundry to afford some shock protection. A Single or Double neoprene sleeve would be great.
    - Crushables Coffins- semi-ridgid cases for protecting delicate crushables. In my case, that means dry pasta, meds, electronic peripherals (chargers etc)

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