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Thread: Cache size.

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    Cache size.

    While electronics are getting smaller and smaller, A4/letter size paper is still pretty much the standard for documents.

    Many want a Junior size notebook or notepad, an agenda, a sketch book or the Field Journal Notebook (to replace all 3 in one convenient package)

    And then, we all want to bring our miscellany.

    Furthermore, while an iPad is very much capable of standing in for a laptop, sometimes one needs the power and the upgradability of a Mac Book Pro, hence the Ristretto for the 13" MacBook Pro .

    Is it ok to carry smaller electronic devices into a Cache designed for bigger ones?

    Question was prompted by the Ristretto for the 13" MacBook Pro in Aubergine/Dyneema Steel flaunting its good looks, I saw purple, I followed the link...

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    Quote Originally Posted by backpack View Post
    Is it ok to carry smaller electronic devices into a Cache designed for bigger ones?
    If the question is would a larger cache still provide protection, then yes: I'm sure it would. I think the issue would be wasted space. I guess you could put the iPad in the cache and then also a relatively thin book or papers or something. Personally, I'd be disinclined to buy a 13" Ristretto unless I had a 13" machine to put in it, but I have no doubts you could make it work with an iPad.

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    I quite often carry my iPad in my 13" Ristretto because it, unlike my iPad size, it can hold A4 papers. It works very well, perhaps even better than it works with my MacBook 13", as that can be heavy to lug about.

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