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    The Lovely Small Cafe Bag!

    When I got my first Small Cafe Bag, I admit that I bought it for its looks, who could resist a Storm/Sapphire cutie? Not me.

    I had no idea how I would use such a small bag exept has a pocket inside my Brain Bag.

    As it turns out the Storm/Sapphire minimalist beauty was a lifesaver during two car moves in the middle of particularly hot summers.

    Small enough for the always crowded rest stops (why isn't there double the space for women?) and light enough to be part of the first carry to the hotel room of one or two Brain Bags and a Large Cafe Bag or a Swift. Don't ask me how I did it, I don't remember, just strong determination, I suppose.

    When Tom Bihn Inc introduced the yummy Punch and Azalea I made sure to get a Small Cafe Bag in those colors because smaller and lighter is always better in summer.
    I still could use the Packing Cube Backpack for big stuff like a rain shell and my letter size papers in their Large Pouch!

    When Tom and the Crew made a Nordic/UV Small Cafe bag, I pondered... nothing and rushed on the phone.

    The Nordic/UV Small Cafe bag played purse, beautifully in Europe. and even sneaked in my (clean) food bag when I forgot the two bags only rules in the U.S.

    But the best time was today. There was an event at a nearby nursery and the Local Harvest grocery store was there giving away "strong beverages" and also yummy lemonade.

    I just took myself and my Small Cafe Bag and had loads of fun, we even went to the nearby Local Harvest grocery store without the grocery bags not even with my Shop Bag!

    On the video: "Tom Bihn on design and build", Tom said. essentially, the lighter you are the more fun you have, I pondered that, most probably unconsciously, and it resulted in a very fun evening with that unmistakeable feeling of lightness.

    I also found Larabar that sounded yummy and the nice lady at the store made sure that they had only fruits, nuts and chocolate in them.

    The Small Cafe Bag was also the cause of a moment of hilarity.
    I placed my lip balm in one of the pen pockets, having seen Maverick, in the videos, remove his lip balm in and out with the class and dexterity of James Bond, Phileas Fogg and Gary Grant in Hitchcock films... combined.

    I needed to remove mine to place it in the 3-1-1.

    Well... my extraction version was more of the Marx Brothers type, extrication:unsuccessful, encouragement with a slight tap on the lip balm/pen pocket bottom:no bulge, so of course I ended up emptying the bag by shaking it, upside down, on top and as close as the middle of the bed as possible because every one knows that not doing that would result in a lip balm rolling in slow motion in the most inaccessible and yukky recess of the hotel room. Brrrrr.
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