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    200 Dyneema for bags withing bags and 400 Dyneema for lightweight Travel Bags, Though

    I have been inspired by the post above, my own packing with 200 D Dyneema accessories, many talks of bags within bags and the necessity of sometimes stash a bag within another bag when draconian airlines restrictions rules strike back at our resolve to pack light.

    I think it would be great if the Synapse 19 and the Co-Pilot were offered in both 200 D (Packing Dyneema) and 400 D (Travel Dyneema).

    I was fortunate to buy a 200 D UV (Packing Dyneema) and recently bought a Nordic 400 D (Travel Dyneema).

    I bought them because I like the colors and have come to enjoy the lightweight and strength of Dyneema.

    In Europe or any places where luggage weight is vital, the Nordic 400 D (Travel Dyneema) is a must.

    As a packed to the maximum, computer bag/tablet bag, in order to enable the Aeronaute to be the lightweight carry-on and be strong enough to deal with the rigors of airlines luggage scales, airports floors, luggage carts and security lines. The Synapse 19 or the Co-Pilot are perfect.

    However, for U.S or other airlines which do not weight bags, for plane/car trips, for stays where/when a comfortable EDC is a must, a Synapse 19 or Co-Pilot in 200 D packed inside the maximum carry on (Aeronaute/Tristar/Western Flyer?) ready to work as an EDC at the destination sounds wonderful.

    Thoughts from people with 200 D Synapses and Co-Pilot and their experience as a bag within a bag to EDC?

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    Yep -- I do the Dyneema-in-Dyneema thing.

    I also got the new steel Dyneema Side Effect -- OMG nice! I shouldn't have waited so long, and just trusted that TB would get the revised model right.

    So now I'm thinking I can pack my steel D Side Effect, 3D organizers in steel D, and steel D PCSB into the front pockets and a steel D PCBK into the main pocket, all into a steel D Western Flyer!
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