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    Question Website functionality

    My girlfriend was trying to shop for me earlier today and she brought up a good point. Why can't the picture of the bag update with the selection of color/fabric combination you are choosing? She was worried about not picking the correct option I wanted due to the image not updating.

    Just got a large cafe bag in steel dyneema for my birthday! TBAS setting in again.

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    I found it a little difficult trying to understand the color options the first time through. I think you could have a page with different bags showing the color options.

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    Yes, this would help color selection a lot. The photos are great, and the dropdowns work great, but linking the two would be awesome.

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    Glad you brought this up! Actually, this is a functionality we've been looking to add to the website for a little while. The truth is, it's somewhat more difficult to accomplish than one might think. I don't want to risk boring you all with the details of why, but we were essentially faced with two options: we could either have captions for the photos, or the drop-down/image linking functionality. In the end, we decided to keep the captions as we thought they were more important. Still, we're working on way to have both features, so it's an update you might see on the website sometime later this year.

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