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    Cordura1000 vs 1050d Ballistic

    I am curious: Why does TB use 1000d cordura for some bags, and ballistic 1050d on others? I am thinking specifically about the Brain bag and Synapse here. Curiously, the Smart Alec uses both fabrics.

    I own and love my co-pilot and aeronaut, both in the wonderful 1050d. I am not clear what the advantages are of the 1000 fabric...

    p.s. Tom - Any plans to actualize the "Pilot" (slightly larger co-pilot)?

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    Cordura is more colorful.

    Balistic is tougher from the minute it is made. It is especially engineer for resisting abrasion which all travels bags are subjected to, especially checked bags and bags that have to face rough terrains.

    However, check the Brain Bag page, it is made of Cordura, but one tough cookie, which is popular among service members.

    Brain Bag - Laptop Backpack with a Lifetime Guarantee - TOM BIHN

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    Check out this: Choosing A Bag :: One Bag under "Quality Luggage Components."

    tl;dr - "Cordura is more abrasion resistant, while ballistic offers higher tear strength."

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    Fascinating page. Thanks for sharing!

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