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    Knitting Party Video + New Knitting Accessories (collaboration w/Amy Singer)

    Earlier this year, we decided it was time once again to collaborate with Amy Singer, Editor of Knitty®, on the design of new knitting bags and accessories. Yeah, we could’ve Skyped, but we thought it’d be even more fun to bring Amy out to visit us at our Seattle factory/company headquarters. And to celebrate the occasion, we hosted a knitting party at Metrix Create:Space. People brought their Swifts and showed us how they use them/what they carry in them, knitted, talked… Amy even tried to teach Tom how to knit (that didn’t go so well) and Tom showed Amy a couple of things on a sewing machine (that went well).

    Here’s one of the prototypes we came up with (a tool pouch):

    Knitting Party Video + New Knitting Accessories (collaboration w/Amy Singer)-knittyproto-jpg

    Read the story of Amy’s visit over at the blog — and learn how you can be entered to win one of the two very last Knitty Swifts available.
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    I just saw this on Ravelry! AWESOME new OP. I was going to check the dimensions, but I will be lazy and ask the source, will the new pouches all fit into the CQPC and 3D cube? I like the new caribener but think I would prefer to keep most of my OP coraled into one larger thing than dangling from a strap/clip. I love how my OP already slot nicely into my CQPC knit kit and will continue to use that system, but was wondering how the new Tool pouches would fit in.
    These look like Ballistic colors, will we be able to choose, or will they be colored by size, or will it be random like the other OP?
    Also, could you give us a price point range? I've got to start saving my pennies!
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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    Like the square one for the cables. I already use a mini for my notions and a pencil case for my needles and tips, so not sure about the rest.. but I do like that they have a loop and not a clip on them. Love the carabiner but would love it even more at the end of a key strap.

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    Knitting and Tom Bihn.... love this video! Can't wait to see all the new goodies.
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    I love the new pouches! I love that they have o-rings and no hooks! I love them so much and I don't even own any! I am so happy! :-)
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    The Knitty collaboration really has produced some fantastic products! Can't wait to see what those pouches look like in real life!!

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    I want these a lot!!! Can't wait.

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    Could the TB Crew offers the bigger O-ring and the carabihner as "part"?

    Or as pairs with Key Straps if you wish to include the Tom Bihn logo at all time.

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