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    Quote Originally Posted by Grandcache View Post
    Backpack...Just curious, what do you clip the Handle Loop to on the Kit? One of the reasons I haven't used it before this is that there is no clip or O Ring (that I've been able to find anyway...LOL). :-)
    The zipper pull!

    Note that I used it only as a clutch when I had to go to a dress up dinner out of town and forgot my usual formal clutch.

    I think the zipper pull is strong enough if you don't fill the Kit with EDC tools like many do on the forum.

    An iPhone, a little bit of makeup and some backup girly stuff should be light enough.
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    Ah hah! Thanks. :-)
    Lots of assorted purples, some blues, and a bit of black: 2S19, 5SE, 2WF, MCB, SCB, Imago, 2S, LS, TT, K, 2QC, 5 3D, 4WFSBPC, 2WFBPPC, FJNB, 4Wallets, 4LSB, 2SSB, DLBP, Pilot, Assorted sacks, packing cubes, organizer pouches, key straps :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by backpack View Post
    What a great idea! I need to try that out. Luckily for me, I've got some Cork Organizer Pouches on order, along with several of the Handle Loops. I should be able to use one of those to pair with my Aubergine Kit!
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