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    Bye to: Cayenne 500d Cordura

    Lots of changes lately, I know: there's so many exciting new things in the works... a few of which I hope we'll be able to reveal to you by the end of this year.

    In the meantime, some things must be retired to make way for these new things, and one of the most recent things to retire is our Cayenne 500d Cordura. We're pretty much out of that fabric/color, so any bags and accessories in Cayenne that are currently available will be the last of their kind.

    Just a few of the bags available in Cayenne (but not for long):

    Ristretto for iPad in Olive/Cayenne
    Large Cafe Bag in Navy/Cayenne, Steel/Cayenne, and Turquoise/Cayenne
    Medium Cafe Bag in Plum/Cayenne, Steel/Cayenne, and Navy/Cayenne
    Small Cafe Bag in Turquoise/Cayenne
    Ego/Super Ego Stripes
    Cordura Organizer Pouches*
    Snake Charmer in Cayenne

    *Remember Crimson 500d Cordura? We have a few Cordura Organizer Pouches left in that color, so we thought we'd let you know.

    Bye to: Cayenne 500d Cordura-snakecharmercayenne-jpg
    The Snake Charmer in Cayenne.
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    OMG, options for red are shrinking with each passing day.

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    I and my wallet are rather glad there's nothing on your list with cocoa/cayenne ... I had an imago in that combo on my wishlist for the longest time and could never quite convince myself that the imago was the right bag (it wouldn't have been) .... but that colour combination ...

    I do have a navy/cayenne SCB and it is sweet.
    List under construction ....

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    My medium cafe bag is Storm and Cayenne and I love the combination. Farewell Cayenne. You will be missed.

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    Looking forward to new releases.

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    Just ordered the snake charmer and a few other ditties. Perfect for school supplies too.

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    Bummer. I was really hoping for a steel/cayenne SCB. It appears to be a beautiful color combo. Guess I'll have to wait (wait? what's that?) and see what TB has in store for the future...

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