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    Packing + Trip: Two Weeks in Japan (video)

    Chris and family went on a two week trip to Japan; here’s the trip in video. Gear laid out, packing lists, getting on the plane, sleeping on the plane, eating lots of amazing food…..

    When he’s not going on awesome trips to Japan or packing for overnight work trips, Chris is the writer and producer at SHEP, the people who worked with us on our Tri-Star and Synapse videos.
    Current Carry: Skookum Dog Citizen Canine, Founder's Briefcase, Synapse 19 (day hikes), Guide's Pack (longer day hikes), Yeoman Duffel (winter/emergency stuff for the car), Aeronaut 30 (travel), Night Flight Travel Duffel (camera bag), Moveable Feast + Shop Bags (food)

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    What an amazing pair of videos. I think my favorite part was when he yelled at the cat.

    Of course, it's 10:30 a.m. here and now I want okonomiyaki. Siiiiiggggggghhh.

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    That is a great video. I went to Japan with my Aeronaut and a backpack for about 2 weeks and I am hopefully going for 3 weeks to Asia next year. Thinking about bringing the aeronaut and my synapse 25 with me. I think the one problem I ran into was that I didn't really have clothes that dried quickly for washing so I had to rely on the laundry service in one place I was staying which was a biiiiggg mistake. So maybe this time I will have room for a couple more days worth of clothes or finally invest in some merino wool clothing...Yeah might be overkill for space and stuff however at least I will have some more room for souvenirs!

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    Those are really great videos! Thanks for sharing Darcy!

    The professional editing is apparent, it makes for a comprehensive packing video and a very touching vacation video, which really captures the essence of Japan.

    The travelling by plane part is pretty much accurate, I think it is the first time I have really seen the feeling of boredom and claustrophobia which permeates the cabin during night time trans continental flights.

    I do admire Chris and Daniel cool and collected demeanor at the airport.

    I can relate to Chris packing strategy and my husband share Daniel's technique.

    Japanese landscapes, wondrous food and Chris's family enjoying it all is heart warming. Thanks for sharing Chris and family!

    I love Suki taking the staring role in the first video, expressing her discontent by letting the couch have it and strolling her gorgeousness over the entire shot.

    It seems that getting a good picture of a cat starts by letting them know they are in the way of the camera.
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    Love your videos!

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    I am SO hungry right now thanks to the second video. Guess it's sushi for lunch tomorrow!
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