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    Thanks for sharing your results, though! I have gone back to my Co-Pilot for now, while I wait for Tom to come up with a solution.

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    You can still convert a Cafe Bag into a backpack. I have a Large Cafe Bag with removable Absolute strap. This is not the same as the Absolute strap with metal clips on the ends, mind you. When I say removable, I mean that the strap is removable, but not quickly removable, as with clips.

    It also has the removable waist strap, which does work well to secure the LCB to the body and redistribute the weight somewhat. But it's still a single shoulder bag unless you attach another strap somehow. That could be done following these steps:

    1) Take off the shoulder strap. The flat webbing ends pass through the plastic tri-glide toothed sliders. It takes a bit of effort to get the strap's thick webbing through the tri-glide slider, but I've done it several times without trouble when washing my LCB.
    2) There are now two webbing loops with tri-glide toothed sliders on each side of the bag. These loops are 1.5" wide (matches the width of the original strap) and form a small loop about 2" in circumference. They happen to be pretty close to the top corners of the bag.
    3) Take off the waist strap, leaving the two clip-on retainers on little webbing loops at the bottom corners of the bag.
    3) Get back-pack straps (sold by various other companies), and attach the tops to the top loops and the bottoms to the waist-strap loops. There are a few ways you can attach the tops of the backpack straps to the top loops:

    a) you can run the straps through the loops and tie them through or hook or clip them onto the webbing itself. Will be difficult in some cases--hooks and clips would have to be large enough to latch on to 1.5" webbing.

    b) you can run the straps through the tri-glides, just like the original shoulder strap was, but this requires the new backpack straps have flat webbing at the top

    c) you can clip the tops to the tri-glides, using them like D-rings

    Voila--mini-backpack with one main compartment, one rear open-top pocket, one front zippered pocket, and small organizer pockets inside. You can even slip a sheet of padding into the rear open-top pocket to give your back a little comfort. This DIY backpack will be smaller in capacity than the Packing Cube Backpack (I have both) but have one more pocket on the outside and the organizer pockets on the inside, as well as quite a few more O-rings.

    You can search ebay for the backpack straps. There are several companies that make them for the military--they are removable and do come in non-camouflage colors. Actually, the OD Green Tom Bihn Cafe Bag is the exact same shade of Cordura as Tactical Tailor's OD Green, and Tactical Tailor USED TO make removable backpack straps. They do not any more, as far as I can tell. But you could actually color-match if you wished. I'll bet Tom knows the guys over at Tactical Tailor--they are located not far from each other in Washington State.

    Anyway, you can search ebay for the terms "removable shoulder straps" or "backpack shoulder straps" and see what I'm talking about. I found one called "Quick Release Alice Pack Shoulder Straps" here that would totally work exactly the way I described on my Large Cafe Bag:

    What I'd do if I ordered the ALICE pack straps is not even bother removing the original shoulder strap. Instead, I'd run the skinny 1" webbing from the ALICE straps through the 1.5" webbing loops at the top (under the tri-glide sliders) and tie the skinny webbing to itself. Then, I'd remove the waist strap at the bottom corners, leaving the clips there. I'd run the bottom webbing from the ALICE pack straps through the clips, close the clips, and tie the webbing to itself.

    The quick-detach nature of the ALICE pack straps would allow for the rapid removal and stowage of the ALICE backpack straps, which could be left tied on and just stuffed into the back open-top pocket of the LCB. The webbing at the bottom with the QD clips would unfortunately have to be left dangling.

    This DIY setup would be rapidly convertible between one and two-strap carry methods. It'd be funny looking, for sure, but it'd work and would be comfortable.
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    I would LOVE to see a backpack option for the co-pilot - the option would be particularly awesome when used while traveling (when one shoulder carrying gets the back tired and sore, switching over to backpack mode would be really, really great).

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    The Co-Pilot will probably fit in the Aeronaut packing cube backpack. But check with the factory.

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