I had an idea for a product that would fit well with my collection of Bihn gear that hopefully other people might find a need for as well. I'm a student and I keep a separate notebook for each class. It would be amazing if there was a larger organizer pouch available that was large enough for a spiral notebook, 1.5-2inch binder, or medium sized textbook. Notable features being a double zipper that opens a little past the long edge of the opening side for easy access, and the opening edge a little deeper (tapered?) than the opposite side. This would allow people to compartmentalize their bags by the project (class), and quickly add or remove the organizers depending on the needs of the day, so they don't have to itemize their entire bag. Another benefit would be a small amount of protection for a textbooks corners from the other contents of the bag. I would think Dyneema would be a neat material for this purpose. Basically packing rectangles for office/school supplies.

I use a Super Ego to tote around my college materials. In the rush between places I constantly end up with loose papers, pens, calculators and a few five star flex notebooks in my main compartment. I know there is a horizontal slip that could alleviate some of my issues but contained pouch for each class would be awesome.

Thank you for your time. I hope other people would think this is a neat idea and it's not just me that has these organizational issues. :P