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    Recommend me a bag?

    Hey fellow TB lovers, I didn't see a Recommend Me a Bag thread so I hope this is ok.
    Im looking for a business casual bag along the lines of a briefcase.
    The ones I have it narrowed down to are the

    Western Flyer,
    Co pilot,
    Founders Briefcase,
    and maybe the new pilot bag coming out soon which i can't wait to see but hear may be a bigger CP?

    I will be using this bag mostly for every day carry. I do travel, and commuting is a large part of my day. So, I will be putting in this bag some necessary and some unnecessary items such as:

    Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch
    Usually 1 text book
    Notebook or two
    All sorts of pens, pencils, school supplies
    Macbook charger, magic mouse, extra extension cord
    My toys such as my flashlight, or two, pocket knife or two, smart charger for my flashlight batteries, and hey just for fun I would like to be able to possibly fit a light sweater, and even my new flashlight, the very large Fenix TK 75.
    And of course any other little odds and ends that Im forgetting right now.

    I love to be able to carry all the stuff I like to have on me in this bag every day, and of course when going through the airport I won't be bringing my knife. But, again I don't want to be the messenger bag guy anymore, I need to go up to business casual/even a bit formal on occasion. So, since you guys share the same love for bags as me, how about telling me your recommendations, and why or why not you would go with any of these bags, and if I am forgetting any.

    I love the Founders Briefcase with the small little pockets everywhere for my cool knives, gadgets, flashlights, etc.
    And, i love the Western Flyer a lot with the more business looking briefcase feel I guess.
    I also like some other bags like
    the empire builder(although I fear it will be way to bulky for everyday carry to meetings, class, and work while walking)
    and the Cadet(although feel this may be a bit too slimline and more of a laptop case than a bag for all my daily needs)

    So, any and all suggestions and opinions are very welcome, I look forward to seeing what you guys feel and recommend for a semi-professional business casual guy like myself!


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    Not sure how much this will help but, you won't fit your list of things in a Copilot. It will fit in a Western Flyer and still have enough space left over for three days of clothes. I don't have any experience (yet) with the Founder's Briefcase so I can't speak to that. Personally I love my WF. I can pack close to a week's worth of casual summer type clothing in it with very little washing along the way. A WF has always seemed, to me anyway, to fall into the small suitcase or big briefcase category. It is a classy looking bag that would fit in any board room. Let us know what you decide.
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    Cool. This is why I was leaning towards the WF, but I just don't want something too big for daily carry. Something is telling me the WF might be a bit too large unless I pack clothes, which I won't be doing every day, just on an as needed basis, probably 2 times a week. Most of the week it will be rather empty, with just my laptop and books, so thats why Im having trouble deciding. If the Pilot bag comes out anytime soon that could be another great contender. Decisions, decisions. Thanks so far


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    I will try this again... the forum booted me off and I had to log in again before I could post a reply... it seems to happen quite often.

    I too am waiting for the Pilot. I considered the WF, but thought it was too big.

    I carry a Co-Pilot and a TB Shopping Tote right now until the Pilot becomes available.... hopefully soon as the snow is beginning to be an issue with the tote.

    Love TB bags....all I want is a bag that will take me to the university, protect my computer equipment and other electronics, be able to travel to a horse barn afterwards, maybe some air travel, occasionally function as a photography bag when I want extra equipment beyond my photography field backpack, and clean up nice enough to walk into a meeting with the president of the university (or at least a dean or two)..... I really am not too demanding.... its not like I want to climb mountains or anything..... though I will take the bags to horse shows and on horse carriage trips....
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    Have you looked at the Zephyr? It is the same design as the Empire Builder with much less bulk. I have found that it surprisingly carries everything I need inside the bag while not deforming in shape at all - ie - remaining thin and not cumbersome. I carry similar items such as yourself - no textbooks but a lunch, breakfast and insulated mug together with an umbrella inside the main compartment together with my laptop, papers, compact camera and power supply. All my accessories and pens / Business cards / gum, etc. go under the front flap and my phone / iPod in the front flap. Even with this, I have room in the main compartment to place things on top of the items already in there. It actually fits everything without any wasted space. You could definitely pack a few days cloths in there if not including the lunch bag / textbooks. Also remember that this bag is over 12" tall so items can fit vertically in the main section leaving more room for items. It probably will hold your Fenix flashlight even with the wide head.
    What I like most about the Zephyr / Empire builder is you can carry thick items without making the bag bulge or look "fat".

    Hope this helps


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    Wow thanks for the suggestions guys. To be honest, i'm not sure even why, but the zephyr and EB just don't really appeal to me. It looks like a great bag but something about it just doesn't scream my name. Perhaps it may be down to the Pilot, or WF ultimately. I think the FB might be a bit too small, though I love the look of it for sure.

    Any other opinions are of course welcome. Thanks again

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