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    Dimensions of Founders Briefcase?

    I don't think anyone has it yet, but could someone from TB give me the dimensions of the "notebook pouch" (inside to the right of the zippered ipad mini compartment) and the dimensions of the 2 exterior pockets?

    Thanks so much!

    Also, how do you guys calculate your bag volume? I'm surprised by the volume of the founders brief based on it's dimensions based on other bags with similar dimensions. But I'm not sure what math you use to really calculate all of that.

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    Sure thing! That notebook pouch is about 4" wide and 4.5" from the opening to the bottom seam. Each exterior pocket is 5.75" wide; the smaller top pocket is about 3.5" and the lower pocket is approximately 5" from the opening to the bottom seam.

    As far as calculating volume, we use ASTM.

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