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Thread: School bag

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    School bag

    Well i just bought a dell XPS m1210 (W=11.7in H=1.2in D=8.7in) and i need a bag that will be able to carry it, the charger and a few school books (maybe 1 or 2). The problem comes in the fact that i don't want it to be unnecessarily big, so I was wondering what messenger bags would work best.

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    Well... the XPS is small. So it'll fit in just about everything. The Buzz, the Imago, the ID... If you are looking for a school bag... you know... the laptop plus accessories, a book or two, etc. I'd recommend something like the ID. (I think you'll probably find the Buzz to be too small most days. The ID is a great bag, I use it on the days where the Buzz isn't quite enough for me.

    Although... you might want to check out the Imago (a little smaller than the ID)... it's new afterall. =P

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