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    I wish the Cafe Bags had o-rings...

    I wish the Cafe Bags had o-rings in the outside, slanted, open-top pocket. That's a great place to store a TB wallet for frequent, small purchases. I attached one end of a key strap to the shoulder strap buckle, and drop the wallet on the other end in the outside pocket. I also have a small carabiner attached to the grab handle. Off of that is a mini padded pouch with a small point-and-click camera.

    I like having a few small things easily at hand without having to open the main compartment of the bag. With the key straps, I don't worry about losing anything. It's not pickpocket-proof, but I only keep the day's cash in the wallet, so I would be disappointed to lose the wallet, but it would not be a big set-back. Ditto for the camera - I'd be most upset about losing the memory card with the pics on it.

    It's a great set up for being a tourist. But it takes away from the streamlined look of the bag (and I really love streamlined!). And it makes the grab handle a little awkward to use. So I'd much prefer 2 o-rings, one on each side of the pocket, along the seam. O-rings are the reason I got into TB bags! In fact, when I received my first Cafe Bag (a Large, I also own a Small) I kept looking for the outside pocket o-rings. I assumed I had a defective bag until I went back and re-read the description and realized nope, no o-rings in the outside pocket.

    Even without the extra o-rings, the Small Cafe Bag is still my favorite EDC.

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    Completely agree. O rings would be great in the outside pocket of the Cafe Bag!

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