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    unrealized ideas.

    i post over at edcf and we had a guy looking for a small vertical carry bag and we came up with some great suggestions but all of them were way big for his needs even though they would be small according to standards...

    the side effect was mentioned but he wanted a vertical carry...

    so i have 2 ideas for tom bihn...why not take the upper and lower pockets from the smart alec and make them stand alone bags...remove all the hardware from them and add a shoulder strap...the upper pocket can be turned upside down and the zipper put on top...perfect small purse for edc anywhere and make it available in all fabrics and colors...the tom bihn version of the miche hipster...

    the lower pocket would need to have the zipper moved to the top and it could be lengthened to allow for a clam shell type opening...the tom bihn version of a mini echo from goruck...again it could be available in all colors and fabrics...

    the side effect is 1.5 liters...

    the upper pocket is 2.5 liters...

    the lower pocket is 3.5 liters...

    2 new bags whose redesign would take about a day...

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    I too read the small bag post at edcf. He wanted something really small for sure. Seems like expanding the Passport Pouch would work too. A bit larger, add a couple of pockets would do the trick.
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