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    Awesome blog post: Looking Forward to 2014

    I especially love this: "We don’t really believe in resolutions, but we’re all for reflections, and as we wrote this list of things we’d like to accomplish in 2014, we realized it was something we could share with all of you."

    The reflection part resonates very much.

    "we want to work on more posts for more bags that explain the thought that goes into each pocket, each seam."
    Tom is a master at translating a genius idea to paper then patterns and finally, the 3D objects we all love.
    He is very much an inspiration.

    "- Our Awesome Crew
    This is something we work on/think about a lot — we’ve got one of the best crews in the business, from design to production to customer service to shipping, and we want to make sure they know they’re that great. We came up with (what we think) were some good ways of showing our appreciation in 2013 (better benefits, raises, more lunch parties) but we want to top that in 2014.

    One idea: a monitor/tv where in which your tweets and photos and posts complimenting our crew and the fine bags they make scroll past."

    In times when many are suffering because of selfish policies and behaviors, Tom Bihn Inc is a breath of fresh air.

    Love the tweets, photos and posts compliments scrolling monitor idea!

    More people, always a good thing!

    - What’s Fun, What’s Not, a great motto.

    Thank you for creating Skoocum Dog, its crede "Loyalty first. Have Fun now, not later. Be Good. Be Strong." and the delightful pictures of dogs, it soothes the soul.

    I hope I placed that post in the right sub-forum.
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    I guess this post is a bit confusing to me, but....

    I became a LOYAL customer in 2013 because of this forum. I asked questions here as I explored the decision to purchase a lineup of TB or RedOxx travel gear for my family.

    The culture at TB and with their customers is unusual in today's cheap, disposable, consuming society. I'm going to support TB and have been recommending them to others because of the quality, durability, design, and exceptional quality manufacturing. Above all, those of us who purchase these works of art are providing a livable wage, benefits, and great place to work for our friends in Seattle.

    I wish more companies would follow this belief system and company culture. I'm not alone in my desire to support these type of business and am always preferring to buy high quality.

    Happy rant is over.

    At any rate, here's to a Happy New Year to the TB crew. Keep up the good work.

    The nice surprise gift was awesome, by the way!

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