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    do you wish there was a XL or XXL Large Cafe Bag?

    I just started using the Large Cafe Bag, which is great, but I wish there was something bigger (I also have the Ego Bag on order).

    I'm primarily interested in looking for just a big bag with shoulder strap to carry stuff, but not necessarily with the structure or all the bells and whistles and pocktes of the other Tom Bihn offerings. Something like a Tom Bihn version of an extra large LL Bean boat tote bags (with O rings, etc.) or just a XXL version of the Large Cafe Bag.

    Anyone else feel the same way?

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    Can't say I do (I can fit an entire frozen pizza in my LCB, and that's good enough for me), but you could see if this one will ever be available for real.

    I do kind of wish there was a Shop Bag with a crossbody strap.

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    I do wish for a larger Ristretto or LCB too. I like the vertical messenger style for 15.6" Laptop EDC carry and ease of moving in crowds. There is nothing in the TB stable to accommodate this and I wish there was.
    I even made a comment in the TB Wish List thread. Maybe you can add your wish list item too.


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