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    iPad Air Cache does NOT fit iPad in smart case

    Recently there was a thread discussing whether or not an iPad Air in a smart case would fit in the iPad Air Cache, and I think some folks suggested it would work (maybe I misread that).

    For the record, I ordered one and tried it. For me it didn't work. At all. I asked TB customer service and they said…

    "The Caches are designed to fit the exact specs of the device, so it will be extremely tight with the smart cover attached. The regular iPad Cache is slightly larger, so it could work."

    I'm going to order the regular iPad Cache. If anyone is interested I can let you know if it fits.

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    i run into the same challenge with my ipad mini - i carry it in the devicewear vegan leather edge case, and it won't fit in the cache for the ipad mini.

    i would love to see a version of the cache for ipads in smart (and similar) cases!

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    The ipad air cache worked for me with the smart cover ( not the smart case). It is snug.

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    Just for completeness: my iPad mini cache fits my iPad mini retina with the Smart Cover. It's snug but in a good way.

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    The iPad Air Cache works for me with Smart Cover and non-Apple back cover, and also works for a non-Apple case with both front and back covers.
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    I have an ipad retina, with an Incase back (with the two long magnets) and a Smart Cover and it works just fine fitting into my cache.

    (Note, I have the older model cashe that does not have the ribbon rails.)

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