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    The return of Cordura Synapse options

    In the midst of the recent increased demand for the Synapse Backpack (1st place award to the Synapse 25 in the recent Carryology awards.for best Carryon, Dan Frakes' MacWorld review of the Synapse 25, and the roller coaster pace of bags going onto back order (and coming back in stock a month before -- the stated time -- only to disappear again under the onslaught of new orders), it seems that one can once again order both sizes of the Synapse Backpack in Cordura combinations. This is a nice option, considering the discussion of last December's thread on Will all bags move to parapack?



    ETA: I found the MacWorld review slightly misleading in its omission of the fact that the Synapse 19 also supports the cache on rails -- it's written to highlight the additional space, and the new cache on rails feature as improvements over the original Synapse review, but it's easy to come away with the impression that only the 25" version of the Synapse has this feature. Just another feature of the Synapse 19 to keep in mind, especially in view of United Airlines' more restrictive interpretation of paersonal carry-on item dimensions.
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    Good catch on that! My Synapse 25 is Cordura (Black/Iberian), and on my most recent trip to the store, I had a chance to check out the Parapack version, fully expecting that I would have a sudden desire to sell my Cordura version and replace it with a Parapack one. But I actually find I prefer the textured look and more structured feel to the Cordura. To me, the Parapack fabric seems better for smaller bags (a Parapack side effect may be on my wishlist) where the slight sheen and flexible nature make for an elegant version, or for bigger bags, where the weight is more important (and I do find it particularly pretty on the Guide's Pack). The standard backpack size just makes the most sense in Cordura to me. It's great to have so many options though!

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