Tom Bihn has awesome customer service! When the zipper on my Synapse 19 broke, I figured that it was a good excuse to get a new bag. After all, my Synapse was made in the first few batches (in the days when it was The Synapse) and was my trusty EDC through sun, snow and rain. Before I placed my order, I wrote to Tom Bihn to check if any new bags were on the near horizon. In that email, I mentioned the reason for my query. In response, Beau asked me to send pictures of the zipper and bag. I did and he suggested that they could repair it. Two weeks later, I received my Synapse fully repaired and good as new. The fact that they stood behind their product and didn't try to sell me another bag makes me want to buy another bag. So I shall -- just waiting for the reduced version of the Aeronaut... Thanks, Tom Bihn crew!