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    Quote Originally Posted by taminca View Post
    Oh Wow! I'm so glad now that I got my Black Parapack S19... and am regretting returning the Navy Parapack. Ah well...
    and from another thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by taminca View Post
    Having a really hard time letting go of the Parapack Navy/Solar S19 (tag intact, unused, in new condition for returning but oh-so-gorgeous, especially next to the Nordic S25)...
    @taminca following @icebeng's post (quoted below), you could order another Navy/Solar Parapack S19 right now; it's one of the options:
    Quote Originally Posted by icebeng View Post
    Parapack S19s are back! I took the plunge and ordered, hopefully it's not an error in the system. *crosses all fingers*
    Didn't see any Parapack options for the S25s though.
    HTH moriond

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    Thanks, moriond! Rushing off now to order...
    "Inside everyone is a great shout of joy waiting to be born."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darcy View Post
    That's a big part of itů

    First, we realized we were getting low on Parapack and we started thinking: if we only have so much of the fabric left, which bags do we want to save it for? And right about that time, we were hearing from some of you that you missed the Cordura options in the Synapses and Brain Bags. All of that (and a couple of other things) prompted us to take another look at those specific bags in Parapack, and we saw what some people meant when they said they liked those bags in Cordura -- they have more body, a little more heft. So, we decided to add the Cordura options back -- and felt like three fabric options were maybe a bit much/kinda confusing, so we chose to narrow the fabric choices down to two. Plus, that saved the remaining parapack for other bags, bags in which it really sings -- The Guide's Pack, Founder's Briefcase, smaller stuff like 3D Cubes, etc. We know some people will miss the Parapack options in the Synapses and Brain Bag (we've been hearing from you guys, too) but, we had a choice to make, and this was what we came up with.
    This sounds like the best of both worlds! The parapack is great, especially for certain things, but I'd been hoping that Cordura wouldn't be phased out forever. It has such a nice texture to it! And I love all of the colors

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    I have been reading these forums over and over again and I am now confused.

    Is parapack still available for the Synapse 19? Is it a temporary shortfall?

    On a side note. What is the weight of the cordura synapse 19?

    Does anyone have a photo of parapack vs cordura?

    Thank you in advance. Eagerly looking to finally purchasing.

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