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    pricing changes and a question about Aeronaut

    I saw on another forum that prices went up on quite a few items. The post said that the Aeronaut would be going up in price when the small Aeronaut is released. Since the small Aeronaut is going to have design changes, will the regular Aeronaut be undergoing any changes? I looked around here, but it is hard to search Aeronaut and find a specific message/thread.

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    I think the post about price increases also said that there will be some small changes on the existing aeronaut.

    Here is the note from Darcy
    Quote Originally Posted by Darcy View Post
    Note on the Aeronaut: this is basically the Co-Pilot and Pilot situation all over again. The Aeronaut 30 will debut at $270 (note: there's a couple of small but key design updates in the Aeronaut 30) and, around that time or a little after, the Aeronaut price will be updated to $280.
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    From what I understood about the post, the changes are for the Aeronaut 30. Since those changes are top secret at the moment, most of us are unlikely to know whether the changes would be useful on the Aeronaut itself. If they are, based on what we've seen with the S25 and S19, it is most likely the Aeronaut would be updated as well.
    And since June is about 2 weeks away, we'll all just have to suffer the torture of anticipation till then :P
    To add more fuel to the fire, seeing that ALL color combinations of the Aeronaut are now on back order till late June (i.e after the big reveal?), @O Grande may just have caught onto something.

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    Maybe TB will surprise us with a Memorial Day Weekend announcement. All colors are also on backorder for Tristar and Pilot as well.
    The stockpile keeps growing...I'm in serious trouble.

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    I notice they've snuck an aubergine/steel WF onto the roster since I ordered my black/wasabi one. If they ever produce an aubergine/wasabi one, my bank balance had better watch out!

    (Same goes for the Pilot, tbh - I've fallen in love with aubergine/wasabi since I got my Swift...)
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    Favourite TB colours: aubergine, forest (sniff!), linen, wasabi, UV
    Hoping for: A new dyneema colour for YSSs; a Linen Side Effect; the return of Portable Culture!

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    The only change to the original Aeronaut that I remember seeing was the change in zippers. Hardly a redesign but a welcome change, at least for me. I find the new zipper orientation to be easier to use, though it may just be the particular bags that I have.

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    I dont want an updated version of the aeronaut...I like the hidden zippers better....

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    all colors of the smart alec are on backorder till july as well..

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