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    I am spatially challenged

    I just can't visualize measurements. Even sometimes when I cut out the size in paper, I'm still surprised when the item arrives. In today's shipment, I'm sending back a PCBP because it is HUGE and a coyote micro pouch because it is way smaller than I had thought in my head. I was surprised that the Little Swift and the small shopping bag were smaller than I expected. The only one I've gotten more or less right is the side effect.

    Anyone else with this problem?

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    The small shopping bag seems small until you use it. With other shopping bags I have, the handles tend to be short so you can't really fill them. With the longer handles of the small shopping bag, it works better than larger reusable bags I have.

    And yes, I do tend to have this problem of things being smaller or bigger than I expect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sturbridge View Post
    I am spatially challenged

    LOL! I'm specially challenged too, but in a different way! When I look at black or steel dyneema (especially steel) the white grid lines pop forward (like a 3-D movie) and the black or steel recedes. I have an impossible time figuring out how close or far away something is and have to make several tries at grabbing it before my hand actually is able to connect. I thought it was only me, but there was a discussion about this on the Tom Bihn Discussion group on Ravelry. I found out that I am not the only one who has this problem. I can see the colored dyneema fine. I only have problems with the neutral colors.
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    One thing that's really helped me is to get a sheet of (old) newspaper, long ruler, and a thick marker and sketch out the 2D dimensions of the bag. You can't visualise depth that way, of course, but I've gone so far as to cut out my paper rectangle and then position my ruler perpendicular to the paper cut-out in order to get a sense of the bag in 3D. It's helped me a lot with online purchases, especially on ebay where high-res photos can mislead you into thinking that something's larger than it is in real life.

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