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    Lightbulb Synapse 25 (and possibly others?) suggested addition

    I travel with my Synapse 25 as well as a rolling carry-on. I would love to have a strap or sleeve on the back of the Synapse to allow me to slip it over the handle of my roll-aboard so I can let the wheels do the work in airports or when walking around cities.

    An idea I was toying with was to add loops about half-way up the bag, similar to the loops at the bottom for the removable waist stabilizing strap. That way, I could move the waist strap up to use as a luggage anchor when I'm using my roll-aboard, and move it back to the waist loops when I'm hiking.

    I've toyed with various ways to stabilize the Synapse on the luggage handle, but haven't found a solution that I love so I'm posting this suggestion. What are your thoughts, and/or do you have other suggestions?

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    Hi there, welcome!
    What I've seen some people do, is to criss cross their backpack straps and place over the rolling luggage handle.
    Depending on how short you've tightened your straps and whether you have a single pole or double pole handle, the ease with which you can do this, and the stability of the setup, may vary.

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    Thanks - I appreciate the suggestion. However, after seeing someone else doing that I've tried that approach and found that it didn't work all the well -- at least for me. Using that approach added a lot to the "context switching" time.

    Here is what I mean by context switching time: I frequently need to go from "rolling mode" to backpack mode, and need to do that quickly so the combination of criss-crossed straps, length adjustments, using the sternum strap to hold things tighter, etc. made this a lot of rigamarole in my case.

    I fly a lot (3-6 flights per week) so I do a lot of this sort of context switching.

    As for my other alternatives, the most usable one I've found it to use a Nite-Ize 12" gear tie (twist-tie sort of thing that is re-usable - , fold it in half, and use it to attack the top carry handle of the S25 to the handle of my roll-aboard. That works OK, but it isn't perfect because the gear tie still needs to be stored when I'm not in roll-aboard mode. If I store it in the backpack, it gets caught on stuff and is a bit of a pain. If I leave it on the loop handle (twisted to keep it on), it gets in the way and also tends to grab things when you don't want it to.

    I'd love a strap or sleeve on the S25.

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    Another possible trick you might try.

    Clip a carabiner to the top grab handle of the S25 and attach it to the handle of the rolling luggage.
    To stabilize the bag, use the chest straps wrap once around the uprights of the handle and then clip the chest strap together.

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    How about using these from Kifaru. Using the K connector strap on the waist strap loops to attach. Kits

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    I tightened down the straps on my Western Flyer and put them over the rollerboard handle in briefcase mode. It didn't flop, bounce, jiggle or fall off. Using that method with the S25 would have it on it's side but that should be ok?

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    I attached my S19 to a 20" roller bag for Europe this spring. I tightened the waist strap as tight as it would go - this works well for stabilizing the bag on the bottom.

    I experimented with using a Web Dominator clip to attach the handle loop at the top of the S19 to the roller handle, but it wasn't secure enough. Had a similar issue with Gear Tie as ThatDwayne - it was a pain to keep track of. So I used a Strapeez Velcro strap on the roller bag (wrapped a couple times around the roller handle) and just zipped it around the handle loop. This was fairly secure, and the S19 rarely flopped to the side. It worked pretty well for quick-change, and the Strapeez could stay on the roller handle.

    If I didn't have time to attach the handle loop, I'd slide the backpack over the roller handle, and just grab the handle loop with the handle in one hand. Then, when I had a chance, I'd "pull over" to attach the Velcro to the S19. I too wish the S19/S25 came with a simple slip sleeve for roller handles. It would really help!
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