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    Quote Originally Posted by bchaplin View Post
    @Milking, very nice! What program did you use to create that?
    It is actually an early version of SketchUp which is FREE for personal/non-commercial use. It is also the easiest/fastest 3D rendering software, that picture took about 5 minutes including looking up the specs of the bags. If I spent longer I could make it all colored/textured and pretty looking.

    When my work slows down a bit I might take the time to render each one of the bags to scale and put them into the 3D objects library SketchUp has. I use it quite a bit for concert design because it has every light, speaker, truss and scenic element already drawn up.

    I will try to add a few more when I get home, maybe even attempt a synapse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by icebeng View Post
    Can I help with the justification part?
    You need to buy the NFTD because you have to take a picture of your Frenchie posing inside it, to show us.
    It would make all Bihnions here very happy, and you would also be be very happy because you have a great new gym bag. ^.^
    I think you're on to something icebeng! Bruce Wayne the Frenchie has a lot of modeling experience under his belt, and he thinks the Night Flight would be much better than my current gym bag which is an aesthetic burrito.

    We'll be looking forward to a picture of how it looks in Coyote. If there was an Olive parapack option, it would already be done!
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