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    Cool new to the tom binh "family"

    <center>i'm brand new to the tom binh forums. so, hello!

    on december 19th, i'll be gifted with a brand new, itty bitty little macbook. awww.

    i'm ordering a Smart Alec with Vertical Brain Cell on the 5th, just to make sure my itty bitty new best friend will be well-protected from bandits, the elements, and other threatening forces.

    i've read all of the other threads related to the Smart Alec, as well as most of the external reviews. based on the pictures and the descriptions given by its other owners, i assume that it provides enough space for the Size 6 V.B.C.+itty bitty macbook as well as, let's say, a maximum of two textbooks and two sketchpads, plus pens, pencils and a couple of little accessories.

    from someone who's actually handled the bag in person - is this a safe assumption? i was initially going to opt for the brain bag, but i think it may be overkill for someone who'll only be carrying a light to moderate load.

    thanks very much!

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    As I use the Smart Alec every day I've got a pretty good feeling for how much you stuff in it. Depending a bit on the height and width of your text books I would say you can fit in about 4'' of thickness in textbooks as well as the other stuff you mentioned. Then you've still got plenty of space for things like lunch and the like, but due to the dimensions of the Smart Alec you can't fit as many text books into it as the Brain Bag. It being more slanted makes it less suited for a large amount of textbooks.

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    hello and welcome!

    cobos's estimate on the capacity of the smart alec is right on.

    having had this bag for over 2 and a half years, using it daily, taking it on many trips, carrying so many things in it, and having it still look brand new, i am still amazed at all of the things that i can carry in it and how comfortable the weight is on my back.

    let us know how you make out with your smart alec. i'm sure you'lll enjoy it.


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