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    I use a roller about half the time. For business trips, definitely. My electronics, entertainment, toiletries, and a few changes of clothes goes into my carry-on and the rest in my checked bag. I've discovered that it's awkward to carry much more than that, particularly for long trips where there might be a few hours layover and we want to go out into the city or walk around the airport. And on my flights to Africa, it is almost a brawl to get overhead space, and I'd rather stay out of that and just have a small bag that slips under the seat.

    For leisure trips the ratio shifts. I feel like I have less recourse if my luggage is lost, and I'm not wiling to have a missing suitcase cut into my vacation time. It's not usually that difficult for me to fit everything I need for a weekend in a backpack or Western Flyer, and it's fun to travel light. However, I do have an Osprey Ozone wheeled bag, which can be useful too. It is an amazingly light and flexible suitcase. Even when packed full I can easily pick it up with one hand and carry it down a flight of steps, which you can not say for most suitcases.

    I think the 10% rule applies here, in that wheel-less bags shouldn't be more than 10% of your body weight. I find this true for myself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank II View Post
    Airlines are starting to crack down on the size of both carry-ons and personal items. I'm estimating that within 6 months, just about every U.S. carrier will get strict with exact dimensions and like United, have sizers for both carry-on and personal items. It's a moneymaker for the airlines. (AA has already started to sporadically put sizers at some airports prior to security.)

    So, that means, anyone using a Western Flyer as their "personal" item will soon be out of luck. It will be too big. As will the Brain Bag and S25.

    And make sure your rollaboard is no more that 22 x 14 x 9 including wheels and handles. Forget the old 45" total. That's going bye bye.

    You're going to start seeing a slew of new, smaller wheeled bags that fit the sizers and weigh less. I just got sent one for review that measures 21 x 14 x 8.5 including wheels and handles and weighs 5.5 lbs. has hideaway backpack straps as well. Surprisingly solid and strong material.

    Oh, and for those who continuing to carry-on heavy, your photo might wind up on the internet.
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    AVService, the brand of your really small folding dolly is...? I would much rather carry a small rolling dolly with my TB bag than use a rollaboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jannilee View Post
    AVService, the brand of your really small folding dolly is...? I would much rather carry a small rolling dolly with my TB bag than use a rollaboard.
    I have one labeled Samsonite but have no idea of it is still made or not and I have a few others with no visible marking on them. I hve had them for a long time.

    I see that EBags has a few and I bet a good search would turn up a few others too?

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    I use a 21" roller with an S19, and try not to check. I'm not a light packer (need those 3 pairs of shoes), but I get better every trip. Aiming to use a 20" bag with a personal item.

    I too would love to see more TB bags with roller sleeves or zippers that work well for this. Not every Bihnion can go wheel-free.

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    ETA: Hmm, taking my post down because I think it doesn't fit within the new Forum guidelines from the start of this year. I do trust my fellow Bihnions' taste, but perhaps there's another venue where I can ask my non-TB questions!
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