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    Question About the Freudian Slip

    I was wondering how the Freudian Slip fits inside of the Smart Alec backpack. I know the Brain Cell clips securely into place, but how does the Freudian Slip stay in place? Is it just placed loose in the bag, or is it also secured in some way? Assuming the Freudian Slip is loose, does it usually work best resting against a Brain Cell?

    I love the concept behind the Freudian Slip, and plan to get one. I'm just curious how it fits in the bags.

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    The Freudian Slip is so tall that it matches the full height of the Smart Alec. Regardless of wether you use a Braincell or not the FS will not move around in the bag. It needs the full height of the Smart Alec and it's rather stiff so it will stand upright as it's a rather tight squeeze to get it into the Smart Alec in the first place. Personally I think the current FS was made for the Brain Bag which is slightly larger in the height and width dimensions than the Smart Alec. Thus I thought the FS wasn't such a good fit for the Smart Alec and I'm not using mine. Though that might also be that the file folder side wasn't such a good fit for my A4 pages compared to your US letter pages.

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