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    Different Material = Different Perception

    About one year ago I purchased a LCB in olive/olive and while I liked the basic design & quality construction I just never warmed up to the bag. Since then Iíve acquired and used several other bags, but the poor LCB remained forgotten in storage.

    Anyway, I just kept thinking how the LCB was a great design, but I just never seemed to use it. So, I decided to buy another LCB in black dyneema/solar and give it another chance. Wow, I really love the feel and look of this bag and even though the design is identical to the first bag it seems entirely different.

    So, anyone else have a similar experience? Has a color and/or fabric change ever altered your entire perception of a bag design?

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    Yes definitely for me. I haven't kept Little Swifts in ballistic due to the rigidity but I really like it in Dyneema!

    ETA - funny, I just returned an MCB in olive/olive as I decided I like more inner/outer contrast. Gorgeous understated bag though.
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    Most of my purchases have been a combo of cordura on the outside and dyneema on the inside. I love the contrast of the two materials. After getting a solar/solar SE, I really love the effect of double dyneema. Yeah, it's a bit more on the floppy side, but I really just love the way it looks and feels.

    Color combo wise, I am a sucker for black/solar. (I weep for the inevitable retiring of solar.) My MCB is steel/cayenne and I love the contrast of it. Plus, it's understated and works with anything I wear.
    Current set-up: Black Dyneema/Solar MCB, Iberian 3DOC, COWs in Solar & Steel.

    Wishing for more color variety in Dyneema. Can we get a blue again?

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    Totally! And in every instance I can think of, it was going from a fabric I thought was too confined or trucky for my use of the bag to either dyneema or parapack.
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    I've noticed this quite strongly with the Side Effect - my first one was steel dyneema, I think 200d because it was quite floppy. Great for internal bag organization but I never felt compelled to wear it standalone. After my bf stole that one (I lent it to him for a trip and now he's using it daily, but who am I to stand in the way of a budding Bihnion), I got a black ballistic one which I absolutely love using as a small purse. The difference between this bag in dyneema and ballistic really makes it seem like two different bags to me! Of course now I need another one in dyneema...

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    @ClaireJ, I agree that with the Side Effect in particular, the different fabrics make a marked difference. I've had SEs in Cordura, 200d Dyneema, 400d Dyneema, and Ballistic. Although I felt comfortable carrying a 200d Wasabi Dyneema Side Effect as a standalone, I do think that the 400d Nordic Dyneema is the sweet spot between sturdiness and "give-a-bility." I've got a gorgeous Aubergine Ballistic SE effect, and although it's got sturdy structure, I can't fit anywhere near as much in it as I can in either of the Dyneema bags.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncb4 View Post
    ...I do think that the 400d Nordic Dyneema is the sweet spot between sturdiness and "give-a-bility."
    Parapack is also good, for the same reason (it's 420d instead of 400d) - squishy enough to be capacious, but solid enough to feel like a standalone bag. My olive parapack/UV SE is my workday EDC, and I love it!

    I also have SEs in aubergine/wasabi and black/iberian, i.e. ballistic, and I have to say I'm not that attached to the latter because of its stiffness (aubergine/wasabi is my favouritest colour combo, so it gets a pass!). I'd love to see TB offer a black parapack SE (if such a fabric exists), with either wasabi or iberian lining - I'd buy it in a heartbeat and sell the black ballistic!
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    Hoping for: A new dyneema colour for YSSs; a Linen Side Effect; the return of Portable Culture!

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