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    Gave the Travel Tray as a gift and...

    So I gave my Dad a travel tray as a gift (since he travels a lot). When I first gave it to him, he said "thanks" and didn't seem too excited as he thought he would not use it much. But lo and behold, when we went traveling the next day, he used it to put his keys, watch etc. and said that the travel tray was such an AWESOME, useful, and practical! He now can't get over how great it is! Just wanted to share this story...yay for Tom Bihn

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    The Travel Tray is stealthy in that way. You get it, think it's kind of neat, and then lo and behold, it changes your traveling life...for the better! I love mine!

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    I just gave my brother a TT for his birthday!! He is already a TB convert though - I gave him a gift certificate last year and he chose a Cafe bag in Steel/Cayenne. He travels more frequently than I do, and is as much of a gearhead as I am, so I think it's safe to assume he will enjoy the TT. (I gave one to my mom who also travels a fair bit, but I'm not sure she quite gets the concept. )

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    Two of the stage managers I work with have come up to me on separate occasions admiring my Travel Tray. Stage managers are the most organized people in the universe*, so consider that high praise!


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    Ooooh we like hearing organization tips so tell us what stage managers do to stay this way!

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    I have a Travel Tray on order, am curious to see how I end up using it.

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    Of all my Tom Bihn items, I think the Travel Tray is the most unique and maybe the most useful. It's superb, of course, for its named purpose--corralling bits and pieces during travel, both at airport checkpoints and later on in the hotel room. But it's also handy at the bedside table at home, in a corner of my desk in my office, and at sickbed-side while under the weather. When I was laid up with a badly fractured leg, it was my indispensable companion while wheelchair bound and it found its way into my basket on my knee scooter and then later walker as I recovered. I've given two away as gifts for hospitalized friends (and the older I get, the more such friends I seem to have).

    I think I need another one, actually, which will take me to three...
    Western Flyer (crimsom) with Absolute strap, Zephyr (black), Medium Cafe Bag (steel/olive), Shop Bags (solar, steel), Large Cafe bag (navy/cayenne), Small café bag (forest), Tristars (steel/solar and indigo/solar),Aeronaut (steel), Side Effects (old skool black cordura, olive parapack), Imagos (steel, cork, wasabi, and aubergine, hemp, steel), Dyneema Western Flyer (Nordic/Steel) and miscellaneous packing cubes, pouches, etc.

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    My TT rocks! I agree with you guys: the TT is a brilliant, useful, yet underestimated, travel companion!
    Big fan of Nordic dyneema (aeronaut, PCSB, PCBP, TT, LSB, SSB, SE, SCB, MCB, co-pilot, synapse 19). OK, so where am I going to put all that stuff...

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    More love for the TT here. I love using them to hold knitting projects when I'm not traveling.

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    Last year we--my wife, son, daughter and I--went to California for vacation, and visited my sister and her husband. I gave Travel Trays to everyone. Share the joy! Share the practicality! There were lots of skeptical looks even after I explained how to use them, and of course someone eventually posed with one as a hat.

    A few weeks later my sister sent me photos of her and her husband's TTs in action during a trip, but that's it. My wife and son's are tucked, buried basically, into their respective closets. I just visited my daughter in Miami, and saw her TT on her desk, so I assume that it could be in action. I'll see if she brings it along when she comes to visit us on a mini-vacation to the beach.

    Forty percent adoption rate (two out of five). I suppose it takes some people time to appreciate the finer things in life.

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