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    Hold presses - Western Flyers back on website!

    No zip back options, backpack straps only at this time - but how nice to have new choices!

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    Alas there's no aubergine option - though my bank balance (and my current WF) are breathing a sigh of relief over that!

    I do like my black/wasabi WF, but part of me still thinks coloured bags are preferable. Even if you rarely check your bag, it makes them easier to spot in other situations, like leaving your luggage with the hotel concierge (something I do a lot, since I'm often at a convention for several hours after the hotel's checkout time).
    Work EDC: SE + S19/CP/MB
    Leisure: SCBs, MCBs, FJN, Swift, lots of YSSs
    Travel: WF + Pilot or SA, with SE/SCB
    General organisation: More pouches, stuff sacks and cubes than you can shake a keystrap at!
    Favourite TB colours: aubergine, forest (sniff!), linen, wasabi, UV
    Hoping for: A new dyneema colour for YSSs; a Linen Side Effect; the return of Portable Culture!

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