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    Cache with rails...going both ways

    Was thinking about this today when I was looking at the different bags that I have. Seeing that Tom Bihn bags are the height of functionality, why not make a cache with rails that has the horizontal orientation on one side and the vertical on the other? This would allow someone, like myself to use the same cache for my MBP 13 in my Synapse in vertical mode or horizontal in my Pilot. I understand the premise that the laptop opening should correspond to the orientation of the bag, but I doubt that the laptop would just fall out if the orientation was not only vertical or horizontal respectively. I would assume that a vertical cache orientation would be most functional as it would have the smallest opening if flipped to a horizontal orientation. There are so many people that have multiple bags that I think this would be a no-brainer for many people. A sacrifice of ease of removal while still in the bag will obviously have to be made, but that is a small price to pay for not having to purchase multiple caches for the same laptop.

    If this isn't something that TB is interested at making, Can I purchase some excess rail material to have a seamstress make this happen?

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    To make sure the Cache with Rails status the Checkpoint friendly, you would probably have to move the sliding gate keeper clips from both sides and attach just a single pair to the gate keeper webbing loops in all of your intended bags. In order to scan through properly, there can not be any metal, wires, or zippers on either side of the laptop case, so that second set of floating gate keepers would be an issue. If I recall correctly, the gate keeper sliding hardware only opens on the one side, so you would need a different means to attach this to the bag (or cut the loops in your bags and sew the slides in).

    Of course this adds cost to both the bags and Caches, as well as removes some bag flexibility by forcing those loops into being for a Cache. Perhaps a double gate keeper clip would solve it. I like this idea in theory, but I can see some practical problems with it without more redesign.

    Another issue might be things in the bag snagging on the reverse side Rails now that they are facing into the bag and going in the perpendicular direction to bag entry.

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    I've been meaning to post the same thing. I would be happy with one main rails direction plus two loops going the other way to at least have the bag stand up against the back, but forgoing the checkpoint-friendly feature. Eg, a cache with rails for the S19 could have two loops horizontally to clip to a pilot.

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    I think it could be done - vertical rails on one side and horizontal ones on the other side.
    You could even get fancy and have one set of the Rails removable using some single gatekeeper clips and attach it to loops you sew into your cache and the webbing rails. You could also put both orientations of rails on the same side. You could then interchange them and not have the problem @itsablur pointed out about the extra rails catching on things.

    If you were willing to keep with only 1 opening (either the short end or the long end) and, in one scenario, pull the cache out first to get at the opening which would be on the side, it could work.

    Interesting design exercise. Let us know how it goes.

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