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    Empire Builder for 17"?

    So, I'll keep it simple. I have a HP Pavilion dv9000us series notebook and really want it to work with the Empire Builder. As far as I can tell the only bags offered that it -will- work in are the Super Ego/2XL Brain Cell and Brain Bag/2XL Soft Cell. Any chances that there will be an Empire Builder option for me? Could I make it work in the EB or am I going to have to buy a new computer just to show off my bag?

    Keep up the good work.

    [fingers crossed]
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    We will be introducing a new size of Soft Cell soon - Size 2M. The 2M Soft Cell will be designed specifically to fit 17" PC laptops such as yours.

    There is a small chance the horizontal Size 2M Soft Cell will fit in the Empire Builder, but before I promise that, we'd have to physically test it on our end.

    I expect we will have a sample of the 2M Soft Cell in late March or early-mid April. I'll give you a for-sure answer then.

    Until then, the Size 2XL Brain Cell with the Super Ego or the Size 2XL Soft Cell with the Brain Bag/Smart Alec would be your best bet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChattyPuma View Post
    ... or am I going to have to buy a new computer just to show off my bag?...
    Now THAT is customer loyality!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by grumpy3b View Post
    Now THAT is customer loyality!!
    LMAO... and here I am, wanting very badly to buy a MacBook for the past how many months just so that I can finally buy a TB Brain Cell for myself! =D

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