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    Regular/medium sized sling backpack


    I apologize if this has been suggested before. I'm new here and don't know, so here goes...

    While I don't own one, I think the Buzz bag is very neat looking. What particularly attracts me is the sling style of carrying it. It looks really comfortable. I'm sure I'm not the only one who often carries a backpack with only one strap (it's quicker, and for the first few minutes, more comfortable) only to find it really strains your shoulder if you wear it for any decent amount of time. On top of that, it slips off too easily.

    I would love to see a regular, medium sized backpack with the Buzz's sling style strap. I don't know if you could make a bigger, more medium sized Buzz without looking too weird. I personally wouldn't need it to be in the Buzz style, just a more regular sized backpack that can hold a few textbooks and such, with a single sling strap. As a student, I've used a few backpacks and haven't found many that are particularly comfortable or well designed.

    I would love to see you guys design a backpack like this. The buzz is cool but a little too small for my needs. I need to carry a few small textbooks and a notebook or two. I would need a backpack larger than this, but nothing you would consider unusually big (I would guess much smaller than the Brain Cell).

    Again, sorry if this has been posted before, and thanks for listening!

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    The Buzz is actually going to look a little bit more square/rectangular, and it will have more capacity, in this next version that Tom is working on. It had to be changed to fit the 15" MBP.

    I'll be posting pictures soon!
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    Cool, thanks Darcy!

    I can't wait to see it.

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