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    Quote Originally Posted by mruseless View Post
    I would second that. His site is a really wonderful resource, but I think his requirement for the bag to lay flat for bundle wrapping to be unreasonable. I use the large packing cube to bundle wrap, and I've found it keeps clothes quite wrinkle free.
    I agree. You can totally bundle wrap outside of the bag, even without using the packing cubes, and just put the bundle into the bag. In fact I think Doug even says that at some point.

    (Am excited! Haven't had the chance to use the Aeronaut yet since I got it, but will be finally going on another trip later this month! And will be using packing cubes!)

    In fact, the more I think about it, the more I think the Aeronaut in plain black would work just OK for a business trip (doing double duty as a bag and briefcase. However, I ordered mine in crimson
    No one says you can't have a crimson briefcase

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    I also would love to see some Tom Bihn innovation applied to the realm of one-bagging it. I own an airbosss, and love it dearly for international travel, and for non-business travel. However on shorter, domestic trips with all the detritus of the working world, the airboss it is often 1) overkill in size 2) not easy to organize all the business stuff and 3) a little too "safari" for some clients. I pack clothes in the zip closest to my body, shove a No. 2 brain cell in the center pocket, and files and junk in the third, but it isn't as organized as I'd like. There is no getting around the fact that it's a suitcase, not a briefcase. I've thought about adding some clips and snapping a Freudian slip in the third pocket to make it a more organized solution. However, it occurred to me that at that point I'm just sticking more and more TB into a non-TB shell. So how about a thoughtfully-engineered TB design to do all this? And with style too.

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