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    Question for Zephyr & EB Owners

    I just picked up a new Zephyr to replace a failing briefcase made by another company. I know the Zephyr is supposed to be a more "squared off" design (with the bellow style opening to the main compartment) compared to my old ID bag, but it seems a bit stiff all over. Will the bag give a bit after use, like my ID bag (or a pair of well worn jeans)? I have only filled the bag and tried it in the house because I may possibly trade it back for a new ID bag. also, is the new ID bag any stiffer than the previous model? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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    The Zephyr is supposed to be stiff: it has a stiff foam piece on the inside that wraps around the bottom and the sides to help it keep its briefcase shape. It won't break in that much.

    If you want a soft bag, I think the ID may be more to your liking.

    As far as we can tell, the stiffness of the Ballistic Nylon that we use on both bags hasn't changed.
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    My EBs have held their shape beautifull for a couple of years now - with now sign of ever losing their wonderful firm form.

    It sounds to me like you need different bag. We've abused these bags beyond reasonable limits and they are still holding up GREAT!
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