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Thread: Super Ego??

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    Whoa, lots of advice flying around. I've been trolling around the threads in my own quest for information regarding the Ego/Super Ego debate. I have a MBP 15.4" and I'm thinking about the getting the Ego w/Brain Cell. However, I'm concerned that with that combo, there may not be enough room in the main compartment left over for books, papers, extraneous doo-dads and other "stuff" that I tend to carry around. Does anyone have this combo? Would a SuperEgo be a better option? I'm just concerned about the size - I'm 5'10" male, and some of the pics of the SuperEgo I've seen look massive on some people. Any photos would be helpful too, if possible.


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    if ya look at the link to the Gadgeteer can scroll down the page and see pics showing the bag with a pretty big guy and a super tiny woman...on her it looks HUGE and on him, eh, just another bag really. As a matter of fact on the dude the Ego looks sorts-kinda tiny really.

    I am your height but have not been able to make my pilgrimage to Mecca, er, Seattle yet this summer...but should the first week of I WILL have mine then...personally I prefer to buy a bigger bag even if I will not carry enough to fill's nice to have the extra room.

    I might also pick up an Aeronaut when there also..but that might be wishful thinking because I simply am not able to travel much anymore...

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