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Conversation Between bennero and maverick

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  1. hi bennero!

    i still have the 15" macbook pro (work issued), but have switched to using my personal 11" macbook air and love it!

    the ipad is just amazing! but between the iphone and macbook pro, it ended up getting little use.

    the 11" macbook air gives me almost the same portability as the ipad, but with the functionality i need. i can do pretty much everything on the 11" macbook air.

    the only thing that the 15" macbook pro has that the 11" macbook air lacks is the optical drive and the firewire port.

    i haven't had a need for the optical drive yet. the only time i need the firewire port is when i'm importing video from my camera. and for that, i have the macbook pro.
  2. Sir,
    I was wondering if you got rid of your IPAD and Macbook and are just using the Macbook Air?
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