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  1. Excellent, now you will have your choices in front of you to sample and figured out your preferences. Maybe take some partial skeins from previous projects, carrying weights and fibers and sample knitting on both tips in the shop to get a better feel for which ones you like the best.
  2. I talked with the lady at the LYS today about them. She's getting some HiyaHiya sharps in this coming week and put me on the waiting list for size 2-8. I was very pleased with the tips on what she showed me. I was wary of Knit Picks because of the horror stories I've heard about the cables. I do like you can get down to size 2 needles and the shorter 16" cables. Everything else, including the Addi, just didn't start with small enough needles for me - especially since I like to do magic loop on size 1 or 2 needles for socks.
  3. Yes! Thank you. I was surprised it got posted. The CQPC makes an excellent kit though. TB's OP are great in making modular organization of small things.

    The HH sets are very nice. The tips are available in regular and sharp for stainless and regular for bamboo. They don't react with my skin like the Options tips did. They stay connected if you use the little gripper to tighten them. The cable swivels so it doesn't kink to twist. The tips are also short which I prefer. I like also that you can get as small as 16"/17" circumference. A lot of thought went into them, and it shows!
  4. Is that your knitting kit that they posted on the blog? It's amazing. I absolutely love it, and now I'm getting ideas for the extra pouches I have. I was already turning one of them into a notions holder. You also inspired me to finally look into getting a set of HiyaHiyas. Ironically, I also just got one of those little tiny clippers like you have, except mine's blue (TARDIS blue I'd like to think!)
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