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Conversation Between Lani and MtnMan

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  1. Hello!

    Nice to hear from you.

    Check out the signature on my forum posts. You will find I own several Bihn items, including a SuperEgo briefcase and a Horizontal Brain Cell.

    As far as dedicated travel luggage, that's been on hold the last couple of years due to tight budgets driven by this horrible economy and other priorities.

    I'm leaning heavily toward purchasing an Aeronaut, but that's on hold right now. I have no immediate travel plans and no $$$ budgeted for it at this point, so it's on my wish list. I was hoping that, by now, Bihn would have a garment sleeve to fit in the Aeronaut. If that happens down the road, I'll be looking at both seriously.
  2. Hi MtnMan. I see that you are a regular visitor to the Tom Bihn forums, but it has just dawned on me that you are still carefully saving pennies to purchase your first TB bag? Is that correct? What's on your wish list? Just curious!

    -- Lani
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