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    Thumbs up dSLR taking up too much room?

    ... maybe not for long! Panasonic just announced their G1 camera: basically, a digital camera with a high quality electronic viewfinder and interchangeable lens in SLR form factor. It's the new micro 4/3 format. Time will tell whether or not this setup succeeds, but for me, this looks like a real solution for when I don't need to haul around my whole D300 kit.

    It's actually kind of cute... and my wife likes the "red" colour option!

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    I would love for these cameras to become successful, and become a real alternative to the big digital SLRs. But even in a best-case scenario, it'll be a couple of years before I can replace my equipment. :-(

    At least the camera companies are aware that there's a market for high-quality cameras with smaller bodies!

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