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    Thumbs up Travel Radio > International

    OK! So you're traveling to Europe, Asia or Africa,
    chances are you will not be able to access English
    news programs on the local AM and FM bands.

    Do you spring for a decent shortwave radio perhaps
    costing $100 or more? Or do you look for a shortwave
    radio that's cheap, cheerful, and light?

    Cheap, cheerful and light criteria wins! In this case,
    the Kaito WRX911 fills the bill, giving you an inexpensive
    alternative that's frugal on 2 AA batteries yet is easy to
    pack while offering reasonable performance.

    And if this radio is stolen, so what? You're not out a
    small fortune.

    BTW, the Kaito WRX911 is sold on eBay as the Tecsun R911,
    perhaps a better buy if you have time to wait for a shipment
    from China.

    While I'm now retired, I packed the Kaito WRX911 on my
    consulting trips for the last 3 years.

    BTW, many of my friends often pack several of these Kaito
    radios give them away while traveling overseas. If you're
    traveling to Cuba, the Kaito makes a really nice gift and
    is appreciated by the locals. Also, if you have friends in
    the Peace Corp or military personel going overseas, the
    small Kaito or Tecsun R-911 radios again make thoughtful
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