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    my wife drives a toyota sienna minivan and she loves it.

    but am just not into it. i've driven a big car before - my old 560SEL was just as long and just as wide as the toyota sienna, so it's not the size.

    i don't enjoy the way it drives. i will drive it if i have to, but i prefer to be a passenger in the middle row and let my wife drive when we take the sienna.

    i admit that it is a fun vehicle when you are going on a road trip with friends. you can all pile into one vehicle and drive together.

    Quote Originally Posted by keb View Post
    My first car bought myself was an Outback, loved it... Until it wasn't big enough for three car seats across. Now I have an AWD Toyota Sienna and justify the low MPG by my short drive to work and filling the car on weekends with other people's kids as well as my own... All the kids love my car b/c we have Spongebob on the DVD player all the time and the doors slide automatically. All the parents (including my wife) make fun of the fact that I love my minivan so much that I just got a new one. No sports cars for me...

    Otherwise, I tell every parent of driving age kids that their first car, if they can afford it, should be a Subaru of some kind... Run forever, AWD, safe, not too flashy but not too parental... Here in PA love the Outback or the Forester...

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    and i actually prefer it to a regular car. i like that feeling of driving at the front edge of a slightly raised bubble....
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