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    Closest article I've seen trying to explain it so far. Mostly near the bottom you get some idea of why.

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    I cry like a baby every time I have to spend money on technology. I'm typing this on a MacBook Pro 2.33 GHz, running MacOS 10.4.11. All Macs in our family run 10.4.11. I also use a G4 iMac as a desktop workstation and local office network file server. The iMac runs both 10.4.11 and MacOS 9.2.2 in "Classic" mode. I have a first-generation (5 GB) iPod (bought in late '02 as a refurb) with over 1,150 songs loaded on it. And our family business regularly uses a printer that's over ten years old.

    A question for iPhone and iPod Touch users to ponder: you spent how much dough on your little toy, and how much more per month to surf data on a cellular phone network, and you're talking about how much it costs for a software update, and whether Apple is doing the right thing here?

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    (The Ultimate MacCheapskate and Tracfone user)

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